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Southside Quarterly Newsletter

                                SOUTHSIDE QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER

                                                                       1ST EDITION OCTOBER 2019

Southside Mutual Domestic Water Association will be posting a newsletter on our website quarterly, to keep our members better informed of the water system.

NEW IN 2019

To improve our water system, we have completed the installation of a drive-by reading meter system.  A meter interfaced unit has been connected to all water meters.  This automates meter reading, billing, report generation and water loss monitoring.  It also aids in tampering, theft and leak detection,.  Reports can be generated to show hourly usage to detect leaks or any issues with water usage.


We apologize for the discolored water, high/low pressure some of our members have experienced this summer. The City of Aztec has unfortunately had numerous repairs (breaks) to the service lined near our main meter, resulting in our line receiving the discolored water.

Please do not hesitate to call the office to report any issues as soon as you notice them.

A Line Assessment was completed this summer, we have started repairs or replacement of hydrants and valves to improve the system.


The Board would like to say "Thank You" to Eddie and Billie Tafoya for all the time they volunteered to help us this year.


Please keep the area around water meter clear of weeds, bushes,etc.