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2020 1st Quarter Newsletter


Some of the improvements in 2019

160 new meters were installed throughout the system to replace some older meters.New meter can lids also have been installed. The old lids were some of the originals, broken and damaged.

 A Bi-Annuall Line Flushing Program was implemented in 2019.  All Flush Hydrants were checked and flushed.  Water Shut-Offs Valves were also checked.  Some the hydrants and valves were replaced and repaired.

Improvements in 2020

We are looking into replacing some of the smaller and olders lines to better serve members and installing more shut-off valves.  The advantage of more valves will mean fewer members are without water when we are doing repairs.

New Systems Operator

Southside Mutual Domestic Water Association is pleased to announce we have a new systems manager. Kirby Boxberger started his new position with the association in November. He is a Certified Operator with many years of experience in the water industry.  If you see Kirby out and about in the company truck, introduce yourself and make him feel welcome to Southside.


With these cold temperatures, comes frozen pipes, remember to keep faucets dripping on extremely cold nights, and also leave cabinet doors open under sinks, especially on exterior walls.